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How are they delivered?


eM Cards are triggered passively or by way of engagement using one or more rules that include for example: place, time, number of cards delivered, user profiles, preference.


Your app with our eM Cards platform detects an event, for example a customer is near an iBeacon. The app connects to our cloud system to provide the consumer with the specific eM Card associated with the event. For example, a coupon card is given to the consumer. You manage these multimedia cards through our content and campaign management dashboard.



  • Rich, live, dynamic and contextual messaging
  • Leverage micro-proximity and intent
  • Personalized or VIP experiences
  • Increased engagement levels
  • Deep Analytics and KPIs
  • Capitalize on gamification trends (like scavenger hunts)
Our platform and technologies provide compelling solutions across a variety of industries.

Sports &

Concert Venues


We can help you maximize that last yard between you and your fans. Extend the fan experience and engagement within the stadium via proximity beacons and image recognition. Include a variety of stakeholders such as the sports franchise or artist, fans, vendors, concessions, associated businesses and sponsors.
Engage in a variety of ways with users at various times: pre-event, in-event, half-time, post-event and between events. Liven up gameday or the day of your event: on approach to the venue, in-venue, on departure from the stadium or arena. Contact us to discuss our recent work with some of the major sports franchises and stadia in the US.
proximity beacons



Shoppers can experience hyper-specific savings, information and convenience throughout your retail location. With proximity beacons in or around retail vicinities savings can be delivered in the form of digital coupons, store rewards, seasonal or real-time promotions, and even VIP member appreciation that are triggered by proximity beacons to their mobile device.
Additional and relevant brand or product information, such as videos and mini-commercials can be invoked using proximity beacons and/or image recognition. We can even digitize your loyalty card and have that passively pop-up when a shopper crosses a geo-fence at your store.

Museums & Galleries


Bring exhibits to life, and deliver rich and compelling information right to a person’s smartphone as they walk through a museum or gallery. Imagine an informational video being delivered to a visitor when they are near to an exhibit, or a collectible card for visiting each area within the building, and incentive cards for return visits or promotions with affiliated businesses or sponsors. All possible, with eM Cards.

Conferences & Events


Take your conference or event to the next level. Maximize engagement and experience for venues, organizers, exhibitors, attendees and local businesses. Deliver eM Cards on top of leading edge micro-proximity, geo-fencing, and image recognition technologies.


Increase attendee participation by way of: Rich Messaging (Welcome to City, Airport, Hotel, Conference Center etc.), Information Cards, Daily Agendas, Pre-Session Reminders, Post-Session Polls, Coupons & Deals, Scavenger Hunt Cards, VIP Cards, Sponsor Collectibles, and more. Check out an example of our recent work for Qualcomm’s UPLINQ conference app.


What we bring


We are able to supply and provide the SDK and tools to your marketing team to run campaigns using our technology in venue and outside with affiliated businesses and sponsors. Or we can build an app for your team integrated with our technology. Also, as we’re authorized resellers we’ll be able to supply the proximity beacons to you, your channel partners, or end-users if appropriate.

City Guides


Whether it’s tourism or local information that is delivered to your app at the right time and right place in a city, eM Cards can take regular POI data and turn it into rich, engaging and memorable experiences and engagement throughout neighborhood or city. The right mix of geo-fences, proximity beacons for example at travel nodes such as subway or rail stations, and image recognition can bring your city into the digital mobile era in a style today’s mobile users expect, want and need.



Drive restaurant traffic by delivering promotions and specials with eM Cards. Create a convenient dining experience your customers will enjoy. Incorporate loyalty cards and rewards, return incentives, and even ordering and payment at your restaurants with eM Cards. These can be delivered at an App level or at an OS level, residing and collectible in an in-app wallet, or an OS-based pass features, such as Passbook on iOS.

Advertising Networks


Whether you’re a private company, a city or local authority we can help you turn any physical network into an advertising network and additional dollars: stores, shopping malls, street furniture, movie theaters, rail stations, bus stands, vending machines, you name it we can add a small proximity beacon and link it to your system or use our campaign management tool. Once it’s up and running, you’ll have additional inventory in the real world to deliver adverts, coupons and more.

Contact Us


To learn more about how we can integrate eM Cards into your app, or build you a bespoke app based on top of our eM Cards Framework, please contact us.
Scavenger Hunt
proximity solution



Control the what, where, when and who of your mobile initiatives.

Context Awareness leverages the situational and environmental information about people, places and things and uses it to anticipate the immediate needs and proactively offer enriched, situation-aware and usable content, functions and experiences.

Proximity-Based Interactive Content & Campaign Platform


  • Built on top of the latest context awareness triggers including: iBeacons, Geofences, and Image Recognition

  • Perfect for enhancing events, locations and venues.

  • Unique customizable and interactive digital mobile cards.

  • Delivering hyper local, targeted rich media, messaging, coupons, loyalty cards, membership information, collectibles and much more.

  • Cloud-based system with a dashboard for creating and managing cards, campaigns, beacons and geo-fences.

  • Detailed analytics and reporting.

  • Integrate with existing and future apps

What are eM Cards?


Customizable digital mobile cards, which can be delivered to users in a highly relevant and contextual manner. Cards can be anything from static text/images through to media-rich information, right through to mini-apps to suit your initiatives, campaigns, content and budgets.